From Adversity

by lantern for a gale

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released March 13, 2015



all rights reserved


lantern for a gale Ireland

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Track Name: Into The Fray
Without delusions
In this lonely universe
Without enthusiasm
For this barbarous course
My fragile sanity
Enriching, bruising me.
I don’t mind, my mind, this fervour
(at least it’s mine) This reckless anger
(without denying)
I often feel
Too young to give up caring
Too old to suffer fools
A non-believer
Non-believer, Pursuing truth

So I step into the fray
In to the fray
Black dog’s lurking
I roar when needs be
And face the wind
Every fucking day

Now I’m
Strong for more than me..
A new-found sense of
Strong for more than me
And not held back by
My imagination
Stunted in the past, or
Internal narrations
Where I’m miscast
I’m gaining respect
For myself at long last
Approaching the place
Where my expectations don't crash

In to the Fray
On the shoulders of giants
Building a legacy
In to the fray
Once more, and always
Track Name: Captain
My head feels dull
Jolt adrenal
On broken wings I soar
Imposing stage
With scalpel poised
I open up

These bruised perceptions (without exception)
(Cascade in me) Pitch and roll in company
Cut-throat admission, ‘bout my
Prolonged excision (and when I can –)
From stifled introvert to CAPTAIN

This disorder
Menace inner
Found this valve
Now I howl

Some days I am nothing
Some days I am king
Then – Igniting

And in this moment, I am free
I found what fixes me
In this moment
This moment

Self-pity – So unedifying:
Shroud upon my comprehension (unbroken)
Oh just another syndrome (unbroken)
This is my counter-poison (unbroken)
This is my counter-poison
Track Name: Perfect Things
Let me tell you a story
About the angriest man you know
Now a most devoted father
Changed his life to make it so
Melancholy mind
Brought into focus
Oblivion’s bewitching line
Has led to this

I’ve lived enough to know
What means the most

Amidst the vastness of the cosmos
So insignificant
But improbable existence
Is to celebrate
Took a career path to nowhere
But your mother’s love
Complex medical endeavour
Saved your life

There are no angels
But as you fall asleep
I can see why people
Believe in perfect things

Can’t pretend living’s easy,
You’ll shed blood and sweat and tears
~But believe me
We’re stronger than our fears
This terrifying joy
I cried when I first held you
You are magical to me

Time’s ‘ever-rolling stream’ bears all to atrophy
I vow, to love and help you son
‘Til my last day

In your lowest moments, please remember
You are not alone
I will love and help you, always
You are not alone
In this cold world
Track Name: The Future
Lyrics by Leonard Cohen.
Track Name: Shelter
You look at me
Like no-one else
And I’m rebuilt

You see in me what I cannot
(A light to guide me past these rocks)
Call me sentimental
In the Age of Irony
But I cherish more than symbols
(To me) it’s fundamental
Our kingdom of three
No shame in telling
Your love’s remade me
This shipwreck sails!
To you I brought
This emptied heart
These empty hands
Now nothing’s insurmountable with you
With you
Is overwhelming
But my back’s broader now
(And I won’t stop trying)
To be the man
You deserve
To be the father
That keeps his word
To shelter
The beautiful
Be a better person
And give my all
Track Name: Love and War
In our obscurity
In all this vastness
Help is not elsewhere
So here we,

Make our stand
With the confidence of cornered men
Moving from imagination
Sustained by will, and boundless passion

Make your stand
Acting on the very dreams
That blister sleep
Make your Stand
Be unrelenting
We are all exiles from our past
Carve your path

No tougher enemy, (than me)
Me against myself
Me against myself
Me against myself
I will not look back on a wasted life
And I don’t fear regret cos' I’ll know I tried
Love and war
All my days and nights
Track Name: From Adversity
This has been my hardest year
Collected greys
Nothing left to fear
From adversity

We did it all
The hard way
But we fucking did it

We’re all defeatable, but
Risk nothing, get nowhere
Target incredible
Risk nothing, get nowhere
Toe to toe with ‘feasible’
Risk nothing, get nowhere
Both gods and animals

Aim your sharpest arrows
They won’t take me down
Throw me in the ocean
I won’t drown - no
Yes we’re all defeatable, but
Risk nothing, get nowhere
Both gods and animals